Stormwater Utility Issue

Adams County has implemented a "fee" which they have attached to our property taxes for a Stormwater Utility. We the citizens did not VOTE on this "fee". If we do not have this "fee" repealed it will continue to go up year after year.

The commissioners of Adams County should repeal this illegal fee and send it to the vote of the people.

SSUA believes the creation of the Stormwater Utility Fee is in direct violation of the Colorado Constitution!

No Permission: If Adams County Government is allowed to impose a ‘fee’ and take our money without our permission, what will stop them from imposing other ‘fees’ in the future? Our constitutional right to vote and have a say in government will be a thing of the past!

More Fees: There will be no need to increase taxes!  Government will just increase revenue with new ‘fees’, eliminating citizen involvement from the entire process!

Damage: SSUA members, we cannot stress enough the damaging long term impact this may have on the citizens of Adams County if this ‘stormwater fee’ remains.

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