About Us

Stop Stormwater Utility Assoc. (SSUA)
Is a non-partisan grassroots organization, comprised of and supported by Adams County residents, property owners, community members and businesses.

Our Mission:
Support, represent and advocate on behalf of those individuals whose voting rights have been ignored and whose lives have been impacted by the newly implemented storm water utility fee.  We will accomplish this by providing a clear and united voice to the taxpayers of Adams County as well as our county officials.

Our Goal:
Repeal the newly implemented storm water utility fee, through all means necessary, including but not limited to education, public pressure, legislative action and legal efforts.

Our Position:  Our elected officials must be responsible and held accountable to the people they were elected to serve.  SSUA will not allow our local government to operate a “fee based program” where the taxpayers have no choice, no say, no control and no vote.  It is a basic responsibility for any government to provide adequate infrastructure to protect the people, and meet the requirements of the EPA program.

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